Apostates Still Facing Persecution from Muslim Housing Community

Apostasy is commonly defined as the abandonment of Islam by a Muslim willingly either by the word of the mouth or through their actions. An apostate is a person who has abandoned the Islamic religion to join another religion or stay religion-less, questioned the fundamental principles of the Islamic religion, worshiped more than one idols or who have mocked Allah.


The crime of apostasy is one controversial issue, though Islamic scholars may suggest different forms of punishment, the most evident and widespread is the death penalty. The apostate however is given some time to convert back to Islam after if he or she does not is punished by a death penalty usually by be-heading.

In most countries across the United States, where Islam is a major religion, those who convert from other religions to Islam can publicly and happily announce their new religion; however, those who convert from Muslim to other religion live in constant fear.  This has caused many former Muslims who are new home owners in the United States in many cases to need to sell their properties in a rush and move to a safer location where apostates are in more abundance…in order to escape possible death and imminent persecution.

Recently in Somalia, four apostates were beheaded by the radical Al-Shabab citing “Fitna”. Fitna is the act of creating religious discords and those who do these should be killed according to the Koran. The radical Sunni Islamist intends to make the Islamic religion the dominant religion in the world by killing all minorities in the states where Islam is the dominant religion. Their methods of beheading people and burning people alive are very brutal and they violate the basic human rights of freedom.

christina-apostate-2 In the UK, Christians who convert to Islam are celebrated on the other hand; those who denounce Islam are greeted with violence abuse and in extreme cases murder. One out of three young Islamist believes that apostates should be killed. In 2008, it was reported in the London evening that a daughter of a UK imam was living under police protection after receiving dead threats from her father. The situation of apostasy is that serious, what could you say of a father who is hunting down her daughter to kill her because she has denounced Islam?

Back in 2011, two apostates when had just converted from Islam to Christianity were sent back to Afghanistan amid their profuse fears that their family would execute them if the Taliban did not. It is clearly evident that these Apostasy killings are still widespread across the world even in the modern day. The discrimination mindset of apostates is very rampant and yet, very little is said or done and therefore we continue losing innocent lives to the so called apostasy.

Muslims who convert to Christianity, believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that only faith through Him and Him alone, can give a person everlasting and eternal life.  Christianity is the faith of Love & true Peace.

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